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Booking the correct service:  Myotherapy and remedial massage are two completely different therapies, by either a Myotherapist or Remedial Massage Therapist. We kindly ask you to double-check you have chosen the right ‘service’ so you receive the correct treatment. 

One-hour massage or 45 minutes?  If you look online and cannot find an hour massage appointment; try for a 45-minute appointment instead.  This can be a balance between getting your to-do list done and also getting in some ‘me time’.  A 45-minute massage still allows us enough time to target your specific aches and pains or to do a general go-over massage of 80-90% of the body, this is available for relaxation, pregnancy and remedial massage.

One-hour Myotherapy appointments: Our online booking system only allows 45min or ½ hour appointments. If you would like a one-hour appointment, please book a 45-minute appointment with a booking note ‘1 hour please.’ We will contact you via email to hopefully confirm your request.

Need to cancel or reschedule your appointment? No worries! Please call or email us ASAP, so we can offer this time to someone else in need. A “no-show” is missing a scheduled appointment and a “late cancellation” is cancelling within 24 hours of your appointment. No-shows and late cancellations cause problems that impact our practice and delay the delivery of health care to other patients, who are in pain. When a no show or late cancellation occurs, there is a fee of 40% of the consultation price,  which is much less than other clinics. We understand that situations occasionally arise when an appointment cannot be kept, and adequate notice is not possible. These situations will be considered on a case by case basis.    Please understand that the intent of this policy is to aid us in offering a high standard of care to our patients and that this policy is in place to help us achieve that goal. We pledge to do our part to keep our schedule moving as efficiently as we possibly can.

We look forward to seeing you soon and have a great day.

Many thanks,

Carissa & the team at Body Align Myotherapy & Massage