The 10th until the 16th of June marks International Men’s Health Week. It is a known fact that men don’t live as long as women, this is a wide variety of reasons. However, it is less known that statistically, men’s health is poorer than women’s through all stages of life. Men’s International Health Week is dedicated to raising awareness for the issues that cause men to have poorer health and to provide knowledge and tools to assist them with these issues.

On average, men live 4.4 years less than women, and the last 11 years will be in poor health. This decreases by a further 2.5 years for indigenous males. The top three reasons for men’s reduced lifespan are cardiovascular disease, suicide and motor vehicle accidents. Men take their own lives at nearly 4 times the rate of women. This averages out to be five men a day. Nearly 1 in 2 Australian men have experienced a mental health problem.

Only 30% of a man’s overall health is determined by his genetics. So the fact of being a male is not enough to justify these statistics. As at June 2017, men made up 49.6% of Australia’s population. Now is the time to begin turning things around!

The way to overcome this is by educating men and boys and engaging them to be proactive in their own health and life. It is also important to make sure they everyone is aware of the resources available to them!

Now is the time to start a conversation with a loved one or with yourself about men’s health. During International Men’s Health Week, communities across Australia come together and engage men and boys in activities to encourage them to be in charge of their health. To find out about activities happening near you or to get involved, head to