Make Corporate therapies part of your companies strategy for success!


Take care of your employee’s


Reduce the level of workplace stress


Increase productivity


Reduces the strain, discomfort and stiffness sometimes associated with physical exercise.


Decrease the cost of absent workdays

We have the solution!
Corporate therapies by Body Align Myotherapy & Massage Melbourne gives you the opportunity to have us come to your workplace offering Myotherapy and Massage.

At Body Align Myotherapy & Massage Melbourne the majority of our clients are corporate workers.  We know the long hours at your desk, causes stress, poor posture, fatigue and muscular pain. Body Align Myotherapy & Massage can help your employees by treating and identifying the cause of the pain. We will also educate your employees with a toolbox of information they can use to get long-term benefits for their bodies.

Our services of Myotherapy and  Massage are designed to:

  • Decrease stress, anxiety and fatigue.
  • Decrease muscular pain and discomfort from poor posture
  • Increase energy, alertness and thus productivity
  • Improve mobility and strength
  • Improve mental acuity
  • Reduce tension and restore optimal muscle length/tension balance
  • Increase blood flow and circulation
  • Immediate and ongoing results
  • Educate for prevention of muscular dysfunction
  • Decrease absenteeism from work related injuries and stress related illnesses.

Corporate Myotherapy

This service requires a 30min or 45minute consultations. We will set a comfortable portable massage table in a room, which is private. Myotherapy is advanced muscular treatment aimed at identifying the cause of your muscular pain, tension and dysfunction. Myotherapists are trained in identifying and eliminating trigger points. Trigger points are hyperirritable tender areas that cause local pain or pain the can travel from that area. A good example is the trigger points located in your neck and shoulders that can refer into the head causing headaches. Our Myotherapist will not only treat and eliminate the trigger point and tight muscles but will educate our client in ways to prevent the problem from reoccurring. This may be through ergonomic and postural training, stretching and strengthening exercises.

Corporate MASSAGE

A 15minute at the desk massage service where our therapists will use there trained hands on skills to perform remedial and deep tissue massage. This aims to increase blood flow and decrease muscle tension to restore the tissues to their normal lengths. This will ensure the body is being used at its optimal level and free of pain caused by day-to-day activities.

We look forward to helping you and your employees to be  healthy, happy and pain free.