Corporate Wellness

We are proud to offer our Corporate Wellness Packages, designed to reward your business’s greatest assets – the employees!

Rather than a 10 minute seated massage at the workspace, we want the employee to have a relaxing experience where they can switch off from the workday and have a more beneficial break for both the mind and body.

We believe we have the perfect combination to rejuvenate your team with our warm and welcoming environment, experienced therapists, and tailored treatments.

According to Beyond Blue, organisations with a positive approach to mental health and safety have increased productivity, improved worker engagement and are better able to recruit and retain talented people.

Massage treatments will help to:

  • reduce your team’s stress

  • ease muscular pain and tension

  • decrease anxiety and fatigue¬†

  • improve overall health, energy, and motivation.

Make Corporate Wellness part of your company’s strategy for success! We look forward to helping you and your employees live healthy, happy and pain-free!