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A pregnant client is comfortably lying on her side receiving treatment by our Therapist.

Pregnancy Care

Pregnancy is truly a beautiful and amazing time in a woman’s life. However, it can come with some unwanted aches and pains. The most common complaints throughout pregnancy are,





Our Therapists are here to help keep you comfortable during this special time. Read more below about how we can help with Myotherapy and Massage. 

- Back pain & tightness
- Glute & hip pain
- Sciatic pain
- Calf cramping
- Carpal tunnel syndrome
- Swelling
- General discomfort

Pregnancy Myo

Our Myotherapists will guide you in preparing and maintaining your body through all stages of pregnancy and provide relief from these common complaints. We will also focus on your muscle imbalances and postural changes during pregnancy, which cause fatigue and pain.   You will be given a home program which may include stretching, strengthening, and corrective postural exercises. These exercises will be specific to your complaints, and are safe to do during your pregnancy.  This is extremely important in eliminating the causes of pain and preventing further issues from occurring.

Keeping your body in prime condition after you have given birth is just as important as during your pregnancy. Myotherapy can be very helpful in relieving pain caused by labour and also with the pain and discomfort with breastfeeding/nursing, carrying your baby, and lifting them in and out of cots and baby seats. If these problems are not addressed quickly they can develop into chronic pain.

Our team has done further training in pregnancy, so you will feel reassured that you are in experienced and caring hands.

Pregnancy Massage

A massage during pregnancy is a great way to soothe a sore back, revive tired legs and ease stress. 


We have special equipment designed specifically for pregnancy massage that allows us to comfortably treat throughout all stages of pregnancy. 


Our qualified team will take the best care to ensure you are comfortable during your treatment and that you and baby remain safe. 


Let our qualified therapists tend to your tension and have you feeling your best during this special time.

Pregnancy FAQ's

What position will I be lying in for my treatment?

Body Align Myotherapy & Massage has the equipment required to comfortably treat pregnant women throughout their pregnancy. We will do our best to ensure you are comfortable during your treatment and that your new baby remains safe.

I’ve had some complications with my pregnancy. Can I still have Myotherapy or Massage?

If you have any concerns, please call and speak to one of our experienced therapists before your initial consultation. They will advice you if you need a letter from your GP or Obstetrician. To make sure the treatment is safe for you and your baby.


We have a beautiful range of natural pregnancy gifts available in clinic


A beautiful calming space for your to relax, reconnect & re-align

"Morgan is fantastic - she has provided me with pregnancy and remedial massage when not pregnant and I always leave feeling much better than when I walked in. I have been seeing her for almost 3 years and will continue to do so."
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