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How to Enjoy Your Sauna Experience in the Summer Heat

Updated: Mar 8

Having a sauna in summer may seem counterintuitive, but people visit our Infrared Sauna for a wide range of reasons, including chronic pain management, stress relief and muscle recovery. As these things are not limited to any one part of the year, we would 100% recommend continuing your sauna routine, even in the warmer months.

Need more convincing? Read on for some more inspiration to keep up with your sauna sessions- your mind and body will love you for it! 

Muscle recovery

Being enveloped in warmth is therapeutic for sore joints and achy muscles. If you’ve had a big day catching waves at the beach, or have been out for a lengthy hike, our sauna will be just what you need to soothe those tired bones and muscles.

Cardio and Mood Booster

Studies show that the heat of a sauna has the same effect on your body as a mini workout. Your heart rate increases, blood pumps and endorphins are released. Avoid the sunburn and do your cardio indoors- all you need to do is sit in the sauna at a temperature that gets your heart pumping and bumps up your breathing rate.


Our sauna room has been purposely created as a calming and relaxing space. Escaping to the quiet and stillness of a sauna helps to lift the tension of a busy day. Make use of the Bluetooth and listen to your favourite music, audiobook or even a guided meditation.

Pain Relief

Pain doesn’t take a holiday just because the rest of us do! Studies show that Infrared Sauna reduces inflammation and pain. If you suffer from arthritis or other chronic physical pain conditions, the sauna is a wonderful way to ease those joints and muscles as well as lulling your nervous system into relax mode.

Boost your Immune System

Nobody likes a summer cold and sometimes the busy summertime can grind us down. Sauna can help boost the immune system through promoting the production of white blood cells and improving blood and oxygen circulation. 

The sauna is designed to be enjoyed all year round, and we guarantee you will not regret continuing your sauna sessions through the summer months. Here are our tips for sauna-ing in summer:

Hydrate! This is the most important tip, hydrate well before, during and after your sauna session. Maybe even try an electrolyte supplement like Hydralyte.

Wear something light and loose after your session. A flowy dress or a loose-fitting t-shirt and shorts will feel nicer to put on than gym tights or jeans after you’ve been hot and sweaty. 

Make use of the cool towels we provide in the sauna room. They are the perfect way to refresh at the end of your session. Feeling brave? You could also try a cold shower as soon as you get home.


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