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Sauna positioning- what's best for you?

So much more than just sitting in a hot little cabin and sweating, your sauna session can be just as individual as you are.

Not sure what you need? Here are a few tips to help you get the most out of your sauna time: 

Get comfortable! Relax into the headrest and backrest to ensure you are taking any stress or strain off the body while holding yourself upright. If lying down feels like a better option, try using a folded towel under your head or lower back for better support and comfort. If it feels good for you on the day, try positioning your legs up the wall. This is bliss for tired, achy legs, just be sure to get up nice and slowly after trying this!

General goodness: For sessions aimed at relaxation or non-specific tension, ensure you rotate at least halfway through your session to get that lovely heat targeted into both sides of your body.

For a specific concern, such as a tight shoulder or low back pain, be sure to get the area of concern up close to the heaters for a good amount of time. Sore right shoulder? Position yourself in the right corner of the sauna and this will allow your shoulder to be targeted from both the back and the side. Once you are warmed up (roughly 10 minutes in) try some gentle movement or stretching of your area of concern.

Feel free to ask your sauna host for any suggestions on how best to set up for your session.


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