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Complementing your treatment: Should you sauna before or after?

Updated: Apr 23

A question we get asked a lot is if it's best to have a sauna before or after your treatment. 

For comfort, hygiene and improved treatment outcomes, we strongly recommend enjoying a sauna session after your treatment. This approach works exceptionally well- after your therapist has worked their magic on your muscles, you can then take some more time to unwind and rejuvenate in the healing warmth of the sauna. 

Taking the opportunity not to rush straight back out into the world after your treatment is definitely something you will thank yourself for.

Quite often, people continue sweating for some time after leaving the sauna. Transitioning directly from the sauna to the treatment table for hands-on work can be a bit uncomfortable when you are still feeling hot and sweaty.

We also consider that the oils and creams we use in our treatments are water soluble, and sweat tends to break them down easily. This in turn can affect some techniques that we use and interrupt the flow of your treatment. 

In certain cases, it may be more beneficial to sauna before your treatment. Usually this would be a lower temperature session, aimed at calming your nervous system. Please discuss this with your therapist or our reception team so they can work out the best plan with you and make the arrangements in our booking system.  


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