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The Benefits of Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy is an exciting and beautiful part of life, but it can also come with varying levels of stress and discomfort.

Our skilled massage therapists have extensive experience in treating women throughout all stages of pregnancy and understand the many changes that your body will experience during this time. 

Unwind in our nurturing environment as we work to treat your tired feet, fluid retention/swelling, hip discomfort, lower back pain and achy legs.

Beyond relief from pain and discomfort, we can also provide massages aimed purely at relaxing your mind and body, supporting you through any stress or anxiety as well as helping you to get better quality sleep. Relaxation can help to keep your heart rate and blood pressure down, creating a calmer space within your body for you and for your baby.

Our specially designed equipment ensures your comfort, at any stage of your pregnancy and rest assured, we use natural, pregnancy safe products during your treatment.

We understand that each pregnancy is unique, so we will consult with you before any treatment to make sure we are tailoring the best massage for you on the day. Of course, we will also work under any advice from your medical team.

Women are often having their first child later in life and are also working longer into their pregnancies, so massage can be a wonderful way to help support your body through what can be a very busy time.