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Managing The Return-to-Work Struggle

Updated: Mar 8

Heading back to work after a relaxing break? It can feel like a bit of a struggle to get back into it, but we think some small changes could really help to make your return to work much more enjoyable. Read on for our tips on making this your most positive work year yet.

Promise to take your breaks- It’s so simple, but we simply don’t always do it. Give your eyes, brain and posture a rest and take those breaks you’re entitled to! Take a quick walk, grab a coffee, chat with your work bestie (maybe all 3 at once?) and we guarantee you’ll have a better day.

Dopamine desk- Heard of the term dopamine dressing? As in dressing in a particular way that makes you happy. Well the same could be applied to your desk. Adding a few little objects that you love to your workspace can give you a boost throughout the day, making you feel good! Try adding a photo you love, some new desk accessories or your favourite flowers to brighten your day.

Bedtime routine- We have morning routines, whether we even think about it or not. Wake up, shower, drink coffee, eat breakfast, get dressed etc.

Ritualising your bedtime can be a great way to prepare your mind and body for a restful night's sleep. Maybe your bedtime routine kicks off with putting your phone away for the night, then you might enjoy a cup of herbal tea as you read a few chapters of your book. Or maybe it's a warm shower, skincare routine and meditation. Find what works for you and enjoy waking more refreshed, in a better mood, ready to tackle your day.

Make plans- Book your next holiday, massage or facial and give yourself something to look forward to. Our time at work can feel a bit mundane if it’s all we’ve got in the calendar for the foreseeable future. Pencil in a hike with a friend, organise a brunch or grab tickets to see some live music. Having something locked in can give you a little spring in your step, and isn’t life all about wonderful experiences anyway? Work to live, don’t live to work!


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