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Setting yourself up for success.

Updated: Mar 8

We often chat to our clients about their health and wellness goals and some common ones that come up are “I’m going to get back into running” and “I’m going to stand more while working at my desk”.

These are great goals to have but what we see quite often is people going too hard too early, making too many changes and ending up with issues such as muscle tension, tendinopathies or sprains and strains.

So, what can you do to prevent these kinds of issues??

Address any existing issues/injuries. Starting a new running regime when that old hip injury is still lingering is just asking for a flare up. Seek advice and do the work to set yourself up with a strong foundation. Desk setup not working for you? Make the necessary adjustments whether it be a new mouse, different monitor position or a new chair.

Start small. Instead of just trying to run 5km straight off the bat, try some interval training to build your strength and fitness back up. Your muscles, tendons and ligaments all need time to adjust to the new exercise. Be sure to take your rest days as well.

Set a timer at work. Maybe sit for an hour, stand for half an hour. Or if you don’t have a standing desk, set a reminder to get up and walk around for a minute every hour. Breaking up your postural tension throughout the day is a great way to stop it building up on you.  

Have a consultation with your Myotherapist. They are trained in postural assessment, can address muscular imbalances and prescribe suitable exercises to get you set up for a healthy, happy and pain free future.

As they say, prevention is better than cure so be sure to book in your regular sauna, massage or myotherapy sessions and stay ahead of your pain this year. 

Not sure where to start? Give us a call and our friendly team will be happy to point you in the right direction.


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